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Wayfarer In the Forest

Responsible for all aspects

The project is about cars crossing and splashing the mud in the forest. The Object in the scene is static, but the camera is animated. 

Asset Prepare

Use Maya to Model the High Res Car Model. Based on the High Res Model to Low Res Model, make a simple rig for Animate.


Asset different materials for the parts to make it easy to control the substance and Unreal. After the Low res animated the wheel and body, export the Animated Model with Alembic and use it for the splash Water splash simulation in Houdini.

Create a simple water splash simulation in Houdini. Make the detail like Bubble and foam splash. Then, cache the Simulation and play the Simulation.

use Speedtree to construct the fruit scrub, the plum tree in the back, and a few different types of grass and fern with the atlas I made in Substance designer.

Texture and Material Create

Create the Material for the plant Atlas in substance designer and the fruit atlas in Speedtree for constructing the plant assets. 

Create the material of soil, mud, and moss for the landscape.

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